QUMMIF aims to educate Associate Members on the professional practise of Investment/Fund Management, Investment Analysis/Research and the Trading of Financial Assets. The collective offering of the capacities of Portfolio Manager, Investment Analyst and Assocaite Analysts will be made available to all students. All Investment decisions will be based on the practical application of theoretical & applied knowledge delivered through the mediums of lectures, industry presentation, and team research /presentation and trustee guidance.

QUMMIF will run a Student Managed Investment Fund with the aim of enabling students to gain actual and practical investing experience. Incomes/Dividends received through investment activities will be reinvested into the fund however, with a certain proportion held in more liquid assets in order to meet the liabilities of the Fund. Capital gains will be absorbed by the fund and contribute solely to the net asset valuation process.

QUMMIF will directly engage with City Firms, Recruitment Agencies and Industry/Ethical regulators in order to facilitate the career pursuit of our members by seeking relevant exemptions from regulatory required professional certification / licences. We will also seek to encourage our sponsors to recruit directly from the current class by highlighting the interest and calibre of our talent pool.

QUMMIF will make available and certify a yearly Industry structured Summer Trading Programme that will enable delegates to acquire intrinsic skills in the areas of Intermarket Analysis, Technical/Fundamental Analysis and Securities Trading.

QUMMIF will work with the School of Economics & Finance, QMUL and its affiliates in ensuring the delivery of the above objectives and will also seek to encourage all other activities that will facilitate the networking and skills acquisitions of Associate Members

Summarizing our  Mission Statement is  :

  1. Exploring your interest
  2. Provide a platform for you to explore and discover your interest by exposing you to the vast opportunities within the financial sector
  3. Development
    Develop your technical and soft skills through a variety of competitions and workshops brought to you in collaboration with our sponsors
  4. Networking
    Facilitate exclusive networking opportunities with representations from our sponsors and alumni
  5. Opportunities
    Provide first-hand information on opportunities available with our sponsors and partners