Tomasz Mlynowski: President
Tomasz is the current President of QUMMIF Investment Club for the academic year 2012/2013. He is responsible for the overall management and investment strategy of the club. Tomasz was previously the President of the Stock Exchange and Currency Trading Club of London Metropolitan University where he obtained a First Class honours degree in Finance. Tomasz has completed the MSc Investment and Finance degree of Queen Mary, University of London achieving a dsitinction. Tomasz is currently applying to do a PhD in Computational Finance and studying the CISI Masters in Wealth Management Certificate.

Sarfaraz Anis Abid: Deputy President
Sarfaraz held the position of the Deputy President of QUMMIF Investment Club while studying for MSc in Business Finance at Queen Mary, UoL for the academic year 2012- 2013. He was involved in portfolio management alongside the President of the club. He was also responsible for supervising the Equity research team by providing guidance on their analysis and reports. He is currently working as a Manager at JS Private Equity. Prior to QUMMIF, Sarfaraz had over 2 years of experience working as an Equity Research Analyst at Global Securities Pakistan Limited.

Lip Yee: VP Head of Events Management
Lip Yee is the Head of Vice President of the Event Management team for the year 2012/2013. She is responsible for the event organizing, event promoting and event managing of the club. She has great experiences in organizing volunteer events in Hong Kong and she continued to gain more and shared her experiences when she was in London. She has studied Bachelor of Business Administration in Hong Kong and now is studying the Msc Business Finance at Queen Mary, University of London

Monica Unjia: VP Events Management
As VP Events Manager, Monica is responsible for the planning, implementation and delivery of an event. The events held by QUMMIF include skills workshops, city practitioner presentations, networking and socials. This role necessitates communication amongst peers, professors and industry professionals. A proactive approach will further your experience within QUMMIF beyond the scope of any one role, whilst many opportunities lie within your reach. Studying for an MSc Investment and Finance, Monica was heavily involved in QUMMIF throughout her academic year; also taking on an Investment Analyst role within the Funds-Commodities team. Monica was previously a Mathematical Economics and Statistics student at the University of Birmingham

Huijun Zhang: VP Events Management
Huijun Zhang is a member of VP Events Management team, holding and managing academic training seminars, workshops and networking events through the year working closely with other events management members.Huijun Zhang was studying in University of Glasgow where she obtained BA honorsEconomics (titled as M.A. Soc. Sci. Economics in Scottish Education System). Huijun Zhang is currently studying MSc Banking and Finance in Queen Mary, University of London and was awarded 1st prize for the outstanding performance in exams.

Maria Medvedeva: VP Events Management
Maria was a Vice President of Event Management at QUMMIF Investment Club for the academic year 2012/13. In this role she arranged and organised various events related to the Clubs’ activities, including training and networking events for students. Maria completed an MSc in Banking and Finance at the University of London Queen Mary. Prior to this she worked at HSBC in Moscow. Her contact details are the following: M: +44(0)75 86 615 948; Email: medvedevamo@gmail.com.

Amit Kumar: VP IT
Amit has been the Vice President -IT of QUMMIF Investment Club for the academic year 2012/2013. He has been responsible for Oversight / Administration of IT infrastructure and website of Queen Mary Investment Club, for all information, computational and multimedia needs of the club and for the sales and advertisement function and enforcing the user agreement on the clubs website. He has been studying MSc Investment and Finance programme of Queen Mary, University of London and holding membership of CISI &IFoA actively progressing towards Fellow of Actuary.

AlehIlyin: VP Sales & Marketing
Aleh is currently Vice President in Sales and Marketing side where he is responsible for obtaining corporate sponsorship and collaborating with financial institutions in the City. Previously, he spent two years as the Chief of Investment Office at JSC Amkodor, the leading holding company producing special machines at the CIS market. Aleh obtained his diploma with the highest honour from the Belarus State Economic University and currently doing master in Investment and Finance at Queen Mary, University of London.

Zakir Khan:Vice President-Fund Managemen
Zakir is serving the position of Vice President-Fund Management of QUMMIF Investment Club for the academic year of 2012-2013. He is responsible for assisting regarding the composition and management of fund. He is a student of MSc Banking & Finance program of Queen Mary, University of London. Zakir has a global working experience of local and foreign Commercial banks’ various departments and his last job was an Assistant Vice President in Summit Bank Limited in Pakistan