QUMMIF 2024 Students’ Investment Competition

It was a great pleasure to host the QUMMIF 2024 Students’ Investment Competition on Thursday, June 20, 2024, alongside a panel of judges comprising finance professionals from various countries and companies around the world.

Many congratulations to all QUMMIF finalists for their effort, dedication, and commitment during the QUMMIF training experience. Your dedication in attending all classes and analysing market trends, industries, and companies was key to your success in reaching this stage.

The 7 QUMMIF stocks selected for investment and the top 3 winners of the 2024 competition are:

1st position: Kering                                  Winner

2nd position: Games Workshop       Winner

3rd position: ASML                                   Winner

4th position: Novo Nordisk                  Qualified for Investment

5th position: SAP                                      Qualified for Investment

5th position: Diageo                                Qualified for Investment

5th position: L’Oréal                               Qualified for Investment

Education Excellence Award – QUMMIF